How to get your photos featured on @geometryclub.

Compose your architecture photographs to meet these two guidelines and join the club! Align your apex centrally on both the X and Y axis, then try to make the edges fall off the image at the same point, symmetrically.

A good starting position is important!
Stand as centrally as possible on the corner of the building so that you can see both sides of the building evenly. Then just point your camera up! 📱

Tag #geometryclub to be featured. ✌

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  1. are you looking only for images with square corners, or do you accept submissions with curved lines?

    • Thanks for the question, Terry.

      It’s a bit of a grey area but for consistency i’m looking for strictly corners. However, there have been instances in the past where a rounded corner has found it’s way on to the feed.

      Hope this helps.

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